Well today it was "Castles and Pavilions and Rock Gardens oh MY"... Took the train to Kyoto (about an hour on the express, see yesterday's map) and took a cab to Nijo Castle, a very large place where the Emperor would stay when in Kyoto back in the 16th and 17th centuries. Interesting that the main outer floor was built to squeak on purpose to alert people inside to any ninja intruders or wild boar or whatever! No photos allowed at all of the inside, but I did let my video cam roll pointed at my feet to record the sound of the squeaks. Ohhh I do so live on the edge...

Next up was the rock garden place with a very unusual, manicured rock display that is so obtuse, only the designer knows why the rocks are that way and he's been room temp for about 300 years now. As usual the grounds are surrounded by lush greenery and manicured everything.

Next stop was the Golden Pavillion, an amazing building and beautiful grounds.

For all the images from today's expedition try: Day 5 Web Gallery

Friday is a travel day, going by bullet train to the World Expo at Aichi; big technology exhibits up there (robots and such) so I'm sure I'll will be happenin'!!!

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