I have been diagonosed with A.S.D.

You’ve heard of A.D.D.? Attention Deficit Disorder??? Well it appears I have Attention Surplus Disorder! (Actually the acronym would be a bit more fun if it was a ‘Syndrome’)… I got this ‘diagnosis’ from a client who, after looking over my shoulder while doing hours of intricate editing on his project said, “Man, you know some people have A.D.D?… You know the rest… 

I have recently moved to the Low Country region of South Carolina, specifically the Hilton Head Island area to ply my skills here in a little more friendly climate. There's a lot of good music down here including a first rate jazz club, the Jazz Corner, a staple of the south end entertainment scene.

I’ve installed a no-compromise control room at my new place in Bluffton since soooo much of what we do these days is “inside the box” work. My excellent home computer setup and critical listening environment will allow me to do at home a large percentage of what I used to have to do in studios. There’s no substitute for a good room when you need to record lots of instruments, but for editing and mixing, my new setup sounds excellent and is set up for surround!

I am pursuing venues here and in Savannah that might allow guest engineers for when I need to record a large ensemble all at the same time.

Over the past ten years or so I’ve been recognizing how all media seems to be converging. It’s not just the music guys over here, and the video guys over there; now it’s all getting mixed up together. Throw the Internet, Youtube and files sharing sites into the mix and we now have the possibility to do collaboration over long distances; this is really getting fun! So I decided to expand the range of services I offer into some other areas beyond just studio recording by including video of concerts and club dates, and a variety of support services for other studios around the world that might not have the same software or level of expertise I have.

Photography courtesy of Mark Garrett.