Online Services


Want to put the fine tuning and polish on your self recorded project that makes it sound sonically like the "real deal"? Let me mix it for you for less $$$ than you might think!

I can mix your projects either on my own or while you participate via online teleconferencing (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout etc.) I have an online broadcasting channel to deliver a high quality realtime audio stream that will allow you to participate in the mix just as if you were sitting there with me.

I can do effective mix work in ProTools, Apple Logic, Digital Performer and PreSonus Studio 1 and by using a variety of online file sharing services such as DropBox and Gobbler large amounts of data can be easily moved around and worked on by both parties.

One of my most recent projects had a very interesting workflow which is becoming more and more typical in the industry these days.

A songwriter I know had done a song demo of himself playing MIDI piano and a basic vocal. He shared the Apple Logic project with me and after some discussion we decided on a stylistic approach and arrangement and I programmed some accompaniment tracks to more properly demonstrate the concept of the song.

The client then went to Nashville and hired Jay Hearn and his fine crew of studio players to record the final version of the song in ProTools. Jay then shared the project with me via DropBox and I did all the track prep/cleaning, sound design for each instrument and vocal track, vocal tuning and final balancing. Then I mastered the project and put the final mix back in DropBox for everyone to evaluate and make changes and suggestions which were accomplished via a series of minor tweaks.

Total cost for this was less than $250…  


I can do very quick and effective online mastering. Assuming that your mix is in pretty good shape overall it usually doesn't really take me more than fifteen minutes to master a song, and that only costs $10; what a deal! I do so much of this stuff that I've given it it's own page on my site

Vocal Tuning

One of the great things about the digital age is the ability to move tracks around all over the world for work. I have done quite a lot of work taking tracks recorded at other studios where there was a great take but it just needs to be in better tune in a few key places or just overall. The track had the fire and energy you want but was still a little rough in places so it comes to me to make it everything it can be. 

You can send me a rough mix of the music tracks and an isolated version of each track to be tuned, all bounced from the timeline zero point. I then go through the tracks listening for spots that might need a touch up and I refer to any provided list of "must haves" you have told me about.

There are lots of approaches to pitch correction and I use them all in order to achieve natural sounding results. Of course if you want me to make you sound like a machine, I can do that too! 

To give you an idea of what can be accomplished I've prepared a vocal tuning demo page that shows a before and after so you will understand that it is pretty amazing but does have its limits.  

Track Cleanup and noise reduction 

The state of noise reduction software these days is nothing short of astounding. With some of the noise-modeling plugins and stand-alone apps like Isotope RX-4 advanced you can do things that are absolutely unbelievable, and leave behind no trace that you had ever fixed anything. Tracks that were a total loss in the past can be a thing of beauty. I could go on forever about the amazing things that you can do, but instead, just watch this: