Rock, Heavy and Thrash Recordings

Here are some popular style recordings I've done over the years. Having a digital audio workstation has been a real boon to this kind of recording which relies heavily on quality compression and limiting.

Eclipse is almost stylistically uncategorizable. Heavily and simultaneously influenced by Jazz and Hip Hop they play some very interesting stuff. Mambo Hop is an instrumental from their first CD and has both a regular rock rhythm section and a full latin band rhythm section. A friend of the band did a fine programming job and this tune is actually available for the Rock Band video game!

Almost two years in the making Green Electricity is a great tune from their 2011 release. I particularly like how creatively interwoven the rap and the jazz and other influences are. Everybody in this group is a great player and their attention to detail is quite remarkable. The level of detail in the recording and mixing of an Eclipse song is quite complex with lots of layers of elements to be attended to. Some of the songs got out towards sixty tracks!

This was a good heavy project I did a number of years ago. This is the title cut from the disc and was actually mastered by Emily Lazar in New York!

Cold War Echoes  SS-20 (Post Punk)
I've been working with SS-20 for decades! Always working in the realm of political satire this unique tune is off their 2011 release "Metaphoramerica". There are some interesting textures in here…

Medicate  Graphite (Heavy Rock)
Graphite is a band I had the great pleasure of working with in 2010. This one turned out really great!

Her Majesty  Crosley (Rock/Pop)
Here's a cut from a 3 song EP that they put out just prior to the release of their wonderful CD Off the Laundry.

Corpses of Tomorrow Brodie's Militia ("Thrash-infused Hellpunk")
Ok, whaddya say about Thrash music… On one hand it's the antithesis of everything I hold sacred about music-making, on the other it's amazing!
     At first listen it sounds like somebody playing eighteen records simultaneously at 78RPM but when you dissect it (as you have to do when you record things) it starts to make some sense and you realize that all the standard stuff is in there, it just is dramatically sped up into a frenzied orgy of sound! A typical thrash song is under a minute long but has all the content of a three minute song, it's just at four hundred beats per minute.

So you listen to a song like this and after you catch your breath and say "holy shit!" you realize that there's a lot of skill there and it's not just the sonic mess it appears to be at first. After working on this album I can say without reservation that these guys knew their music as well as any group of musicians I've ever worked with, and that includes the cats in the symphony downtown, the jazz guys, everybody.

Wicked Truth "Deep Within"
Good local band, a cut from their CD. Unlike a lot of stuff here this recording wasn't slaved over for years but was done in a couple weeks and the entire CD cost them less than a thousand dollars.