This is a live recording made at the York Street Tavern in Newport KY. Greg is a great blues songwriter and guitarist and is fully coversant with all the various things you have to do with guitars and amps to get those authentic blues sounds... Always fun to work with. Greg and I have raised 'session banter' to a high art!

This was a fun session! This one goes back to the late 80s and was done completely old-style on analog tape. Of course it wasn't 'old-style' back then, it's just the way things were! Stacy was living in Cincinnati at the time before deciding to move to Nashville where he became very popular; so much so he even had a house gig!

Here's Greg from one of his studio albums. I'm proud to say that I have recorded virtually all of Greg's CDs!

In addition to doing full band stuff, Greg also writes and records a mixture of really classic acoustic blues songs along with his originals in that same mode. This was the first session where I had to find just the right mic to record foot tapping; after all Greg brought special shoes to the session for that purpose!