Singer/Songwriter recordings

Here are some selections from the Singer/Songwriter community in Cincinnati. In the era of prefab tracks and music by machines, these artists keep the craft of songwriting vibrant and exciting!

Bob Cushing has been a stalwart of the Cincinnati songwriting scene for decades. His polished songwriting technique coupled with his "every man" image has kept him busy five or six nights a week. Bob has an encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock songs and his shows can turn into massive sing-alongs. Here's a cut from one of his many releases.

Bonnie Allyn is the epitome of the singer songwriter who does it because they love it, period! Back in the 90s Bonnie assembled some players to learn her music and record a CD and I really love her earthy style and delivery!

Doug Perry divides his time between the visual and audible arts. In the late 90s he had a group that performed regularly and here's a cut from one of those. His song Autumn Waltz was in regular rotation on WVXU's Audiosyncrasies afternoon show for a really long time!

Ginny Frazier has been a "socially conscious" songwriter for a long time but when she discovered that she had Native American blood in her heritage it sent her writing in a new direction. One of her songs Hidden Heritage was picked up and produced by Peter Buffet for a project of his. Here's one of hers from this period.