Latin and World Music

I played trombone in Tropicoso, a Cincinnati salsa band for a dozen years and that led to some ready-made opportunities to dive in and record latin music of all types. I recorded Tropicoso’s debut CD “Un Cuento” and a five years of releases for the Salsa on the Square compilation CD of local latin ensembles.

This cut was penned for us by Rene Herrera, a real live Cuban ex-pat who wound up leading a great salsa band out of Richmond Virginia called Bio Ritmo. This is the leadoff cut from the Un Cuento CD. 

I played in another Cincinnati latin band, Acapulco, for a couple years and we were part of the Salsa on the Square compilation CD that was given away on Salsa Thursdays at Fountain Square during the past few summers. This cut was co-authored by Pablo and Maribel on about two weeks notice and we were all jazzed by how it came out. I was left on my own to produce the final mix so I took a more contemporary approach a la Willy Chirino with some effects and filtered vocals.

Son Del Caribe is a salsa band in the classic style with led by amazing trombonist Jaime Morales-Matos (who also conducts symphony orchestras in his ‘non-mambo’ hours); they put together this fine offering for the Salsa on the Square CD of 2010. It features Gina Stoh doing a fine job on vocals.

Here’s a real up tempo “Descarga” or latin jam tune. It’s an instrumental featuring the Acapulco horns; I’m playing the trombone solo… Unfortunately the Baritone sax player Randy Thompson passed away shortly after making this. RIP Randy, this is for you!

Here's a cut that goes waaaaay back, with a great Cincinnati ska band: The Magnets. We recorded this in a very intense, short production period and I honestly don't remember all that much about it except that: most of it was recorded after midnight, we did this on 2-inch tape, and Waffle House-Covington is a total freak show at 4am on a Saturday night!!!