Mastering Services

So you have a final stereo mix of your song that you’ve recorded, but it really doesn’t have the same punch or presence like the songs you hear released by major label artitsts. What next?

You need professional ‘mastering’ services.

Mastering is the act of taking a mix and making sure it’s overall loudness is comprable to the major players in the global music scene, and also making sure the balance of bass, midrange and treble are optimized so it will sound great on the widest variety of playback systems like cars, headphones, boomboxes, computer speakers and home stereos.

If you have more than one song to release mastering also includes making the songs sound good together as a group, so you can play the album from start to finish without feeling the need to reach for the volume or bass/treble controls.

Sometimes I might suggest an edit: perhaps a song intro is too soft or too long or there’s too long a vamp between the first chorus and the verse that follows.

I love working on music and using my musicality and technical knowledge to help people sound their best!

Please take a listen to my Audio Portfolio pages in the musical styles that you prefer, I mastered everything in there, except as noted.

For my internet customers, I’m offering a special promotion: $10 for one song, so you can check me out. Just mention this when you contact me and hope to hear from you soon!