Tuesday July 26th

It was a pretty mellow day, a good day to be inside since there was a major league typhoon bearing right down on us from the South. A typhoon is a hurricane 75 mph winds or above and a quick check of the radar in the morning looked like we could be in for some serious stuff. Holly was able to cancel her business trip to the local factory (which was a good thing for her). But in the early daylight hours the storm just kinda disappeared and all we got was about an inch of rain from a more or less steady day-long drizzle and some VERY blustery wind; dead calm one second, 45 mph the next.

So, I spent most of the day in front of this computer editing photos, trashing the really horrible ones and making the web galleries of them (a more or less automated feature in Photoshop), and figuring out how to add web code embedded within the blog's text for the links to the picture sites.

I gotta say that my "techno thrill level" was up there pretty high as I am on one side of the planet uploading graphics files and web pages to newly created directories on our server back in Cincinnati.

Along about midday Mom and I went for a *surprise* dog walk down to the pond a block down from Holly's house. I shot some video and edited it after dinner. It's taking a REAL long time to render the web copy so I'll put that link up here tomorrow (gonna let it render while I sleep, that way I don't care HOW long it takes!)

Tomorrow we will try again to take the train to Himeji, where I am told, one can see a sculpture of a guy who looks dead-on like Wimpy from Popeye, except he's nude and playing the saxophone. Now there's an image for ya!!! We'll see if the real thing lives up to expectations! Film at 11…