Day One Arrival 

We landed at Kansai Airport which was featured on the Modern Marvels series on Discovery Channel due to the fact that they just built an island from scratch out in the bay, built a bridge to it, built an airport on the island! One of those engineering marvels that come about when you have absolutely NO more land left on your island to build something huge like an airport.
The terminal building is supposedly the largest building in the world "all under one roof".

 So we took a bus to the Sheraton on Rikko Island in the neighboring city of Kobe. After that a cab ride to my sister's place which is nicely nestled up in the foothills of Kobe.

On the cab ride up there I was constantly struck by the juxtoposition of the very old against the very new, something which I believe I will be seeing more of as the trip progresses.

We have plans to visit the castle at Himeji, got to the Worlds Fair on the weekend and lotsa other stuff... keep you posted!