Logic Videos Assignment

Hello everyone, here is a questionnaire style assignment to fill out that will tell me if you have an adequate knowledge of the basics of LogicPro to do real work in the program, which is after all the goal of the recording class. Every answer to these questions is contained in the demo videos I prepared and uploaded to blackboard; I expect everyone to get 100%.

One note of caution however: since this is a form-based assignment and rather lengthy, if your browser were to crash while you are in the middle of it all of your answers would be lost and you'd have to start over from the beginning. To prevent that I suggest you write all your answers in a word processing document that you can save often and when you have all your answers, copy and paste them into the text fields or push the appropriate buttons and submit the assignment by hitting the big black SUBMIT button at the end. Don't say I didn't warn you and remember, your time is your most valuable asset!

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1. What additional hardware is good to have for your computer to be better suited for recording?
Check all that apply
Explain the Shift-Click method of selecting multiple files in the Finder. Specifically, if you have one file in a list of files selected, and you Shift-Click on another file further down, what is the result?
Explain the Command-Click method of selecting multiple files in the Finder. Specifically, if you have one file in a list of files selected and you Command-Click on another file in the llist, what is the result and why is this useful?
Explain the concept of an "Inverse Selection" technique when it comes to selecting files (or other kinds of data).
Selection Techniques 4:
is it possible to combine the above three selection techniques to create a varied selection?
Explain the purpose of the "Audio Files" folder inside a particular logic project folder
Explained the purpose of the "Bounces" folder inside a particular logic project folder.
I/O Buffer Size
The "I/O buffer size" setting has an effect on the recording latency you experience during recording while also affecting the degree to which your project taxes the CPU in your computer.
24-bit Recording
It is always desirable to record in 24-bit audio file format due to the vastly increased sonic resolution as compared to 16-bit.
Recording File Sizes
An audio file recorded at a 96 kHz sampling rate will take up twice as much space on your hard disk as one recorded with a sampling rate of 48 kHz.
Sound File Editing
When you make a copy of a region in the Tracks or Arrange window of LogicPro, or split a region up into smaller regions and copy one or more of these it creates new copies of the actual audio file in the audio files folder for that project.
Explain what an audio track is:
Explain what an auxiliary channel strip in Logic's mixer window is and what it does.
Explain what a Software Instrument track is and how it functions.
Master stereo output channel in the mixer in LogicPro
It is always a good idea to put a "brick wall" limiter as the last plugin in the chain in the Master Output channel to avoid distortion in the Stereo Master bus.
Auxiliary Sends
The Auxiliary Sends on channels in the Mixer use an "internal wiring system" called "busses" to route signals from place to place inside the program.
Plugin Chain Sequences
In a mixer channel in Logic, a single channel can hold many plug-ins. Do they operate:
Plugin Chains
It's possible to save a whole chain of plug-ins AND all the settings inside them with the Settings menu at the top of a mixer channel
In Logic's Tracks/Arrange window, what function does the Inspector perform?
Explain what "command key equivalents" or "key bindings" are and why they are important.
Toolbar Customization
In the Tracks or Arrange window in Logic is it possible to customize the toolbar above the track display area?
What are the three main things you can control in the Global Tracks area?
What is the purpose of the Cycle Region and how does it work? Make sure to include in your answer how you define the area to be cycled and how to enable and disable it.
What is the purpose of the "Library Tab" part of Logic's Tracks/Arrange window?
Explain how the two main tools work. These are the two tools that appear in the upper right (in LogicPro 9) or center (Logic ProX) of the main Tracks/Arrange window
Program Settings in Logic
Some Settings you set in Logic are for the program as a whole and persist across all your projects and some are in force only on a project by project basis.
In Logic Pro, tell me where you find the I/O labeling page.
Describe the two main ways in which you can manage Windows in LogicPro.
Full Screen screenshot and Selected Area screenshot; take both screen shots and email to me at bgwynne@me.com
Explain the process of creating custom key bindings in Logic Pro
Explain how to create an ad hoc (temporary) group in Logic and give a specific example of a good time to make and use one.