Hi there, thought maybe it you might find it too time consuming or too complicated to get into what you might consider "not super chatty" so I'm thought I  try to make it easier for you to tell me what's ok by just letting you pick some options. Hope that's ok...

Go through the choices, make some selections and I'll then have some idea about what you would be acceptable and more importantly, what you would consider to be an intrusion.

Acceptable Contact Methods
Please check the box for any acceptable ways you'd be ok with getting a message from me, or not.
Acceptable Subjects to Talk About
Please check the boxes of subjects that you feel comfortable discussing.
And it goes without saying that I wouldn't try to discuss our past sex life or your current one… just saying.
Frequency of Contact
In an effort to not be intrusive, can you give me a basic idea as to how often it would be ok to contact you?

When you think you've got this filled out hit SUBMIT and it should come to me and I'll have a much better idea what's ok with you and Doug.