Jodi Traver with Bone Voyage: 2011 Recording Session

I recently completed working on an unfinished project that Jodi and I had going. For a variety of external reasons this project was unlikely to be finished but now that Jodi is in Cleveland and I'm living in South Carolina, this session represents her most recent studio recording. Fitting that it was with one of her favorite groups of guys to perform with having done many nights as a special guest at the Thursday night Cactus Pear hang in Blue Ash; what a great scene that was! When Jodi performed with her trio, fittingly the debut was held there. 

So I got out and "dusted off" the project and even though the tracks she put down that day were supposed to be just "scratch" (not the final keeper vocal) upon hearing them I realized (not surprisingly) that they were damn good and there's no reason why this thing should be bottled up on my hard drive forever. I'm sure you will agree after you hear them that she is a great talent with a fantastic voice.

So I offer these up to our friends, family and colleagues as my tribute to Jodi, friend and colleague for the last nine years. I sincerely wish you happiness and fulfillment with your new adventure in Cleveland.

Bill Gwynne
September 24, 2015

Here's the music: